Who is behind NEOLEB?

NeoLeb is an initiative started by one person, myself. I am an entrepreneur based out of Montreal who has been blessed with just enough success in life that I am able to put my resources towards something like this.

I have no political affiliation with any of the existing factions within Lebanon, nor do I intend to sow division by creating a new one.

My purpose is very simple:

  1. to help get the people on the ground in Lebanon talking to one another and organize.
  2. to give a voice to Lebanese expats who want to participate in one way or another.

As a one-man show, there is a limit to what I can do. I am focusing on creating the networks needed to organize.

EDIT: I am no longer a one-man show, I’ve been joined by many many amazing people on this initiative and collaborating together!

If you want to help, reach out to me directly:

Social Media Setup
Arabic Translation
French Translation
Media Coverage