Organizing for a renewed Lebanon

Many of us are very excited to witness what is happening on the ground. But, what is happening on the ground? Who is organizing what? Is anyone organizing anything?

From the looks of it, so far it has been a very spontaneous uprising of people from all walks of life. This is essential in the initial stages of any successful revolution. But to ensure its a proper and orderly regime change, we require people to come together into self-organizing groups that coordinate among themselves and with their counterparts in other areas of the country.

Organizing our ground game within Lebanon

How can we help the revolution get organized? Right now it’s almost impossible to have a single entity managing the protests across the whole country. We want to establish what we have dubbed a “Revolutionary Council” in each of the 26 Administrative Districts in Lebanon:

1 Akkar  عكّار
2a Minieh-Dannieh  المنية-الضنّية
2b Tripoli  طرابلس
2c Zgharta  زغرتا
2d Koura  الكورة
2e Bsharre  بشرّي
2f Batroun  البترون
3a Hermel  الهرمل
3b Baalbek  بعلبك
4 Beirut  بيروت
5a Byblos (Jbeil)  جبيل
5b Keserwan  كسروان
5c Matn  المتن 7a Sidon  صيدا
5d Baabda  بعبدا 7b Jezzine  جزّين
5e Aley  عالية 7c Tyre  صور
5f Chouf  الشوف 8a Nabatiyeh  النبطية
6a Zahleh  زحلة 8b Hasbaya  حاصبيا
6b Western Beqaa  البقاع الغربي 8c Marjaayoun  مرجعيون
6c Rachaya  راشَيّا 8d Bint Jbeil  بنت جبيل

The Revolutionary Councils’ primary goal is to gather the list of demands for their district in order for that district to get the help that its people have deemed necessary for their development, these will be the Specific Regional Demands lists.

These district demands will then be combined with the demands of all the other districts in order to formulate our Cohesive National Demands that will be stated and repeated to the current regime.

The second goal of each of these Revolutionary Councils (or RCs for short) is to coordinate gatherings and protests within their own districts and the cities within them. If possible, one of their priorities would be to also notify authorities of any extreme and disrupting elements within the protests that would attempt to give the peaceful protestors a bad name. We want to avoid infiltration of agents provocateurs that would cause unnecessary harm to our people and to our cause.

They could also coordinate with the RCs from other districts in case movement is required between them in order to build larger gatherings when needed.

These RCs would also be there to assist in the transition back to order if regime change actually occurs and a technocratic administration, or less preferably a military administration, is put in place.

Each of these councils will be composed of at least 5 men and at least 5 women from across the religious spectrum, without any concerns regarding proportional representation right now as we don’t want to fall back into the sectarian system.

The members of these RCs really have to be people who are self-driven, self-organizing, and able to work and collaborate in groups. We’re not looking for a one-man or a one-woman show here. Avoid the cult of leadership at all costs!

Organizing our long game inside Lebanon, and outside via the Diaspora

While our brothers and sisters on the ground start organizing internally, we need to back them up by putting together a viable long term plan that will address the Cohesive National Demands, and the Specific Regional Demands. To do this, we want to establish what we have dubbed the “Patriotic Evolutionary Councils” (or PECs for short).

Our goal is to recruit the brightest minds inside of Lebanon as well as those in the Lebanese Diaspora that are itching at the chance to help rebuild our beautiful country.

Each PECs would be composed of members whose experience, education, and skill-sets are best suited to solve the problems at hand. We have identified several sectors that will need the attention of these Patriotic Evolutionary Councils:

  • PEC for Constitutional Reform. The most obvious change is a form of government that is not based on sectarian divisions. The most qualified man or woman for the job should get that position, regardless of affiliation. But more than that, this PEC needs to figure out if the current electoral system is sustainable or we need a further reforms and implementation of a federal system of some sort.
  • PEC for Resource Development. Figure once and for all how to exploit our natural resources, like oil and gas, in an equitable manner that will benefit the whole country from North to South, Ocean to Bekaa.
  • PEC for Electricity. Develop a plan to generate reliable electricity 24/7 across the country in the quickest way in the short term, even if it means using fossil fuels to do so for now. Their mission will also include putting together a plan to generate clean renewable energy in the long term. (Wind, Waves, Solar)
  • PEC for Water. Water is life. This council needs to organize the cleanup of our waterways in order to provide clean drinking water for all.
  • PEC for Environment. Figure the best way to clean up our cities and towns that are overflowing with garbage and to dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly way in order not to exasperate the pollution problem. And also setup regulations in order to force industry to clean up its act and stop adding to the pollution problem
  • PEC for Health. Our children are getting sick from the garbage, cancer rates are skyrocketing. This PEC would work very closely with Water and Environment. It would also be tasked with setting up the most basic health services that would be made available FOR FREE to all, regardless of income.
  • PEC for Housing Affordability. Buying a home has become near impossible for an average Lebanese, especially the youth. Our mortgage lending system is ancient and outdated. It must evolve.
  • PEC for Education. The future of any viable democracy relies on a well educated population. We want to make sure our youth are well prepared to face the challenges of the future. Better education at all levels for all ages is very attainable.
  • PEC for Telecommunications. We need to catch up with the world when it comes to the performance of our internet. We will need to be able to deliver at a minimum 10Mb/s to every home, if not 100Mb/s and even 1000Mb/s via improved copper and fiber networks. Better mobile phone coverage at more affordable pricing should be a challenge that we can overcome.
  • PEC for Technology. Technology is becoming the bedrock of any modern economy, while making the lives of citizens easier. This Council seeks to strengthen Lebanon’s digital presence in a global economy. The goal should be to foster globally competitive industries and a prosperous society empowered by  innovative digital solutions.
  • PEC for Transportation and Infrastructure. Our roads are a mess, and public transport is non-existent. This PEC would find the most modern way to reinvent our road ways that are also compatible with providing fast mass transit within our big cities, but to also link our cities together. Light rail lines linking Akkar to Tyr and Zahle, comes to mind.
  • PEC for Justice and Anti-corruption. We will need a legal framework in order to root out all forms of corruption in the public sector, as well as prosecuting anyone and everyone who is suspected to have stolen/misappropriated funds from the country. It would also be tasked with the very important job of repatriating the BILLIONS of dollars that are stashed outside of the country by the old regime’s cronies. These funds would be essential to rebuilt and support the projects of all the other PECs.
  • PEC for Economic Growth. While addressing some of the problems listed above may naturally help the economy, we still need to think outside the box to grow Lebanon’s industry, manufacturing, agriculture and tourism to provide more opportunities for a wider section of our society.
  • PEC for Foreign Affairs. Lebanon has many friends and allies that have historically supported us. There are also international relations that may need to be revised. A sober path forward is needed.
  • The Executive Patriotic Council will have the job to coordinate between all the PECs and to implement their plans on the ground level and ensure the proper deployment of funds for each.

We may have missed a couple of essential services, and would love your input on that.

The real issue is how to set these up, and how to get people to join these from within Lebanon and from the Diaspora.

Well, we’ve taken a leap of faith and setup this organization, calling on all Lebanese from all over the world who want to help in any way, to let us know they want to help and under which Council they would like to serve, and what skill-set they bring to the table that would help make this dream a reality.

When the time comes, we will make ourselves available to whatever organization that agrees with us on moving forward for Lebanon’s sake in order to provide the best brains on the planet to fix our problems and help assuage any transitional fears the people may be holding on to.

Our ask? Spread this to your friends on the ground in Lebanon. Share with your friends on Social Media. Talk about what you would like to see for the future and join us in bringing us even closer together, so that we may all rebuild this country TOGETHER!

OK! I’m excited, how do we do this?

For now, simply click on the button below and answer some simple questions, letting us know where you are and what you would like to be a part of. We will be coordinating between everyone and creating the Councils based on the applications we receive.

Once you request to join, you will be invited to join our SLACK WORKSPACE, a platform allowing us to easily communicate and coordinate. Stay tuned.