Establish a communication platform to help organize the revolution

As we witness historic events unfolding in Lebanon, many of us outside of Lebanon would love nothing more than to collaborate with our brothers and sisters inside Lebanon, and to bring our resources and experience and skill-set to bare in order to help this country prosper again. This raises a few questions:

  • Organization? We would first need to find who among the Diaspora is willing and able to participate, and in what way.
  • Leadership? We would need to coordinate all those willing to help according to their capabilities.
  • Communication? We would need to find a way to coordinate with people inside Lebanon in an effective way, as well as to help them organize some sort of structure around these protests.

This is a logistical nightmare right now as there is no leadership taking charge of the revolution. In many ways this is great as it doesn’t allow any one party or sect to hijack the movement. But in the long run it might hurt the transition to a new form of government. But it doesn’t mean we cannot start organizing from now…

We step into the void to give a platform and a meeting ground for those who wish to help organize the new system. We do not wish to lead, as we’ve learned from all of history’s mistakes that a cult of personality will always arise following a charismatic leader, jeopardizing the ideals of personal freedom and democracy when vested interests exploit the people’s desire for a parental figure to fix their problems for them.

NEOLEB INITIATIVE seeks to assemble as many qualified people as possible in order to throw as many brains as we can at all of our problems, and giving them a way to organize without relying on the existing state apparatus.