Organizing for a Renewed Lebanon
نعمل على تنظيم لبنان جديد

A platform uniting the people on the ground in Lebanon with the Lebanese Diaspora in order to organize our future.
منبر يجمع بين الشعب اللبناني على الأرض واللبنانيين في الإغتراب لتنظيم مستقبل البلد


Organizing Lebanese Society for a Revolution

A historic moment is in our grasp. The dream of a Lebanon that is blind to sectarian divisions, and to bring a true end to the Civil War that never really ended with the signing of the Taif Accords. For decades now we have seen our country literally falling apart, its people impoverished while the ruling elite make a mockery of our unique democracy. Well, no more!

The people have decided to rise up and set aside their religious and sectarian differences, but there is still a serious lack in organization and high risk that a faction might step into that void and dictate the path forward. We want to stop that from happening.

We want to give the Lebanese a tool to start organizing themselves and start preparing for what comes after a potential regime change.

Our main purpose is to provide a voice to Lebanese experts, in Lebanon and around the world, who want to participate in bringing solutions to the nation’s biggest problems. We are acting as an umbrella organization to bring together different sectors of Lebanese society to help them act in unison.

We also provide a platform for collaboration that will help people on the ground in Lebanon to coordinate activist actions around the country, keep everyone safe, and to open channels of communication between them.

We are calling on you:

  • Activists and protestors
  • Students and student unions
  • Workers and labor unions
  • Professionals, doctors, engineers and lawyers
  • Journalists and authors
  • Artists and celebrities
  • Living in Lebanon
  • Living abroad in the Diaspora

We are asking you to join us and help us get organized and give this Revolution a voice and a clear direction!

OK! I’m excited, how do we do this?

I’m ready to join!

For now, simply click on the button below and answer some simple questions, letting us know where you are and what you would like to be a part of. We will be coordinating between everyone who joins us by creating Councils based on the applications we receive.

Once you request to join, you will be invited to join our SLACK WORKSPACE, a platform allowing us to easily communicate and coordinate. Stay tuned.